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SICHT:WECHSEL, internationale integrative cultural festival

22.-30. Juni 2007 in Linz
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SICHT-WECHSEL Internationales Integratives Kulturfestival
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General Information about SICHT:WECHSEL

In June 2007 there will be the International Cultural Festival SICHT:WECHSEL in the Upper Austrian provincial capital Linz, presenting different arts and aesthetics of people with special needs to a broad public. The festival will cover all fields of arts with and from people with special needs, emphasising the visual arts. Responsible body of this festival is the non-profit association "Integrative Kulturarbeit" (Integrative Cultural Work) with members of important Upper Austrian social organisations (Caritas, pro mente, Lebenshilfe, Diakonie, Institut Hartheim).

Nine days SICHT:WECHSEL will show artistic activities of high quality from people with special needs in the city centre of Linz and initiate intensive preoccupations with aesthetical and special forms of expressions.

Productions of famous international and national theatre groups, concerts of artists with a handicap, exhibitions and artistic activities in public spaces will be part of the diverse festival program. An extensive workshop program as well as a symposium of several days with international participants will show the big variety of artistic activities of people with special needs.

The artistic manager of the festival is Mrs. Prof. Elisabeth Braun from Esslingen in Germany. Mrs. Braun holds the chair for "Sonderpädagogische Kulturarbeit" (special educational cultural work) at the Institute for Special Education of the Pedagogical University in Ludwigsburg/Germany and has a profound knowledge of the international cultural scene within this special context. Her festival Kultur am Rande (culture at the edge) in Reutlingen/Germany is known beyond the German borders and stands for sophisticated arts of people with special needs.

The International Integrative Cultural Festival SICHT:WECHSEL will make Linz for 9 days the centre of arts from and with people with special needs and thus transform existing prejudices into new perspectives of a cultural integration of people with different kinds of disabilities.

Alfred Rauch
Production Management
Hirschgasse 64
A-4020 LINZ
phone & fax: +43 70 77 63 14
Mobil: +43 664 20 24 9 25
E-Mail: office@sicht-wechsel.at

Prof. Elisabeth Braun
Artistic Management
E-Mail: braun@sicht-wechsel.at

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